Monday, October 29, 2007

Second keynote - panel session

This focused on the Spellings Commission Report, one year since its publication and the debate is still going strong. If you are familiar with US HE you will know that it focuses upon Access, Affordability and Accountability. If you aren't think of the legacy impact of Dearing in the UK and you will have some idea of its scale. I'd strongly recommend you take the time to watch the panel discussion, even if you don't think you know anything about it or if you aren't particularly interested in US HE - the common themes are striking and there are definitely things for us to consider and discuss further in the LTI. This is the link direct to the video of the session (90 minutes long, first 30 minutes are the Educause awards - worth watching in their own right but if you wanted to chunk it up then 30/60 is the way to go.

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