Friday, October 26, 2007

Evolving Technologies Committee

Got to sit with Bryan for this one, so whilst the presentation was not necessarily jam packed full of exciting evolving technologies, Bryan's screen was a masterclass in new and emerging and/ot continuous partial attention technologies. (I think he had at least 10 open during the first 15-20 minutes - if you can name them there will be points - NB remember they weren't all new)

So the committee reported the following emerging technologies:
  • Web in 2007 - It's not just a browser, it's a platform
  • Integrating Google Apps for Higher Education
  • The evolution of web conferencing
  • Mobile learning
  • 3D printing: Turning virtrual models into hardcopy
  • Virtualisation: Applications, systems andbeyond
  • Information lifecycle management and physical storage technologies for digital preservation

Educause review article about it (in much more detail) is at

Overall, I didn't get a lot from it, but at the end we were asked to complete a suggestion card regarding what evolving technologies we'd like to see looked at next year - I put "green technologies - technologies that need less power or energy" - hope I get some Green LTI points for that!...Bryan thought it was an awesome suggestion and said thank you numerous times). Good session though cos Bryan introduced me to loads of new people including (very interestingly) the editor of Educause Review, and then as I had to rush off, he "presented" with a new job title: Louise Thorpe, Chief Desperado, England....I like it, I think I could work with it :-)


gs said...

bryan cpa technologies...ummm, here's a few guesses:

typepad (though possibly not his draculablog)
flickr [i doubt this one is true, but am running out of ideas...]
...and i'll go for a standard website too, just to round it up a bit...

Louise said...

You know what...his draculablog actually was one of them!! That is very impressive Bryan-stalking, Liz!

The ten are:
nitle blog,
horizon report wiki,
Educause emerging technologies committee website

Louise said...

btw - sorry, no flcikr but he is a huge flickr user, just not in that particular 10 minutes - a very entertaining few minutes could be spent viewing the pictures of the bread he has baked!!

gs said...

as bt might have once said, it's good to stalk :)

i'm pretty sure that it's bryan's fault that i got hooked on flickr in the first place - and i agree, his pictures of home made bread are pretty special. nice (if rather small) collection of gothic images too - yes, it's not the first time i've stalked him...

the draculablog is fantastic - it's a new one on me, but very entertaining, and strangely addictive. oh god, not something else to distract me! nooooooo...

Susannah Diamond said...

Congratulations, you're the frontrunner for the 'asking awkward sustainability questions in interesting places' competition.

If anyone else wants to compete, I recomend Any Questions, Friday 9th in Sheffield. Go to the Showroom to collect a (free) ticket.