Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not what it said on the tin

Digital Storytelling to Enhance Faculty Development in Universal Design for Learning
In which Brett and Lou from Sonoma State Uni and California State Uni, respectively, managed to provoke a post lunch audience into interrupting them constantly with awkward questions, such as:

“But you have no interaction here!?”
“how much does this cost!?”
“what is the rationale behind using video at all?!”

You can see their stuff here:

Elixr = Engaging Learners in X at R, where x=subject r=place. They really wanted to show us how to do “cool things” with Pachyderm, an authoring tool, which I imagine many of you lot know about.
The example they showed the most of was called “Making your first class really first class.” It wasn’t bad as an induction sort of thing – but very low level, and not that pragmatic even. They then started to go into great detail about how to make talking head shots more interesting by varying the background…

It was at this point that I leaned over to Bryan Alexander and whispered “Bryan, you have been the victim of identity theft… “ and gave him a quick shufty at a certain person’s ning profile. I will keep you informed on developments here.

I then went to Social Software in Higher Education: an isolated incident or the start of something big? which I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately I had picked a wrong 'un. After 20 minutes of extremely irritating Dutch SURF types going on about using a wiki with some US folk and then all meeting up to talk about how it felt, I walked out.

I am still pondering how to blog the DF session. I even had a word with one of The Ladies Who Ran the Session, and shared my problem with her. This particular LWRtS can see my point, as she is confused as well. The LWRtS who has less to say ran away from me when I approached her, nearly strangling herself on her laptop power lead. I will muse on.

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Andrew Middleton said...

Digital Storytelling... so nothing to report then really? Forget ed-podding, this is my next big thing...