Thursday, October 18, 2007

As expect-ed-ucause

Welcome everyone, there isn't really anything to say at this stage you know the drill. We'll go to stuff, blog our experiences, you guys are welcome to add comments, ask questions, etc, particularly if there is something that sparks your interest and you want to know more.

Brace yourself for the fairly typical overwhelm-ed-ucause experience and....yes...there will, of course, be some sort of interactive challenge for prizes.


Susannah Diamond said...

Louise asked for top picks from those of back on the ranch. I've replied (under duress) with a whole raft of them.
But the whole point about experiencing a conference vicariously is that you don't have to trawl through the conference programme and make decisions. Over to you...

Louise said...

Thanks Susannah - I'm sorry, I just wanted to share the love/pain...has helped me a lot though, so thanks to everyone who has offered something - if only I can figure out how to split myself into about five pieces I'll be able to go to everything suggested :-)