Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Challenge 2: Six degrees of separation - the game

OK - how about this one? beware it can be addictive:

Choose a term (work/Educause/Seattle related) and search for that term in Wikipedia.
On page 1 click on the first available link within the body text (do not click on any links in italics, any disambiguation links or any links that go outside Wikipedia).
On page 2 (ie wherever link 1 takes you) click on the second available link.
On page 3 (ie wherever link 2 takes you) click on the third available link.
And so on until you have clicked on the 6th link.
Put together the original term with the definition of the 6th link term for 1 point (NB if the output is eerily funny there may be 2 points in it - judges decision final)
For 3 points (as a tribute to Educause) use all 6 key terms in a 50 words or less "abstract", 4 points if this is eerily funny.

OK? Got that? 2 examples to give you a feel:
Original term - Sheffield Hallam University
1 - university
2 - research
3 - interpreting
4 - one-way mirror (yes, really)
5 - magnified
6 - digital processing
"Sheffield Hallam University..........is the process of altering digital data in any form"

Original term - virtual learning environment
1 - software
2 - computer program
3 - algorithm
4 - terminating
5 - Indian tribes (yes, really 2)
6 - lineage
"Virtual learning environment......is one of the major concepts of cultural anthropology"

OK, I'm going to sleep now - got a day full of pre-conference in the morning - enjoy!

btw - Stuart looking forward to something Canadian from you ;-)


stu said...

Ok, I'll have a go at this, but they are not brilliant. (I'm not sure about the Canadian thing - a further clue might help).

Assessment for learning
1 - assessment
2 - ipsative
3 - likert
4 - scaling method
5 - comparative scaling
6 - 1946
Assessment for learning......is the post-war method of ipsative assessment using comparative scaling.

1 - information technology
2 - information systems
3 - process
4 - system
5 - part
6 - score
e-assessment......is in part, the process of using information technology and systems to record student scores.

Abbi said...

1. Academia
2. Higher Education
3. Universities
4. Research
5. Intepretting
6. One-way mirror

To be honest I'm pretty happy with
"Academia is a one way mirror"
nevermind the definition (sounds eerily profound).

"Academia...is an object with a surface that has good specular reflection"

Joel said...

Informal Learning

Distinction (social)
Taste (sociology)

Informal Learning is... one aspect of decorum, is a code that governs the expectations of social behavior

Kay said...

Critical thinking
1. mental
2. consciousness
3. self-awareness
4. psychology
5. behavior
6. environment
Critical thinking ...is the external conditions, resources, stimuli with which an organism interacts.
Neat eh?

Joel said...


Salt (chemistry)
Atomic nucleus

A Classroom... is the very small dense region of an atom

Joel said...


Set (mythology)
Egyptian language

Pedagogy... is an Afro-Asiatic language most closely related to Berber, Semitic, and Beja.

Joel said...


Greek language

Learning... is a state in Southeastern Europe! (Legal note - this blog is not necessarily indicative of the views and opinions of Sheffield Hallam University and its related subsidiaries)

Louise said...

Morning everyone - Some good ones coming out, I agree Abbi - the one way mirror thing is pretty profound. Keep going if you can, I'll do scores etc later today.

Here are a couple of extras from me (sorry about the cryptic Canada comment Stu - all will become clear below I hope)

1 - institutional researchers
2 - US News and World Report
3 - New York State
4 - US
5 - contiguous states
6 - Canada
"Assessment....is a country occupying most of northern North America"

1 - management
2 - financial
3 - risks
4 - process
5 - system
6 - systems science
"Benchmarking....is the interdisciplinary field of the science of complex systems"
- btw on this one the terms on the way are interesting, I am beginning to wonder if OBHE used this method to pick the section headings for the institutional review document...

stu said...
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stu said...

1 - cybernetics
2 - Stafford Beer
3 - August 23
4 - Mount Vesuvius
5 - volcanoes in Italy
6 - subduction
Feedback......is the magma that keeps student learning flowing.

smodge said...

(after applying much needed rules- ignoring the word definition and some dates..)

Distance Learning
2.instructional theory
5.Second Sino Japanese War
6.Surrender of Japan

Distance Learning ... kills

smodge said...

Gilly Salmon

1. professor
2. united states
3. fifty states
4. state governments
5. states
6. sovereignty

Gilly Salmon is ... an idiot authority

stu said...

shuspace (ok, I cheated). Portal
1 - portcullis
2 - gate
3 - castle
4 - Roman fort
5 - Indo-European
6 - 3rd Millennium BC
shuspace......is a Bronze Age battlement.

smodge said...


1. shoulders
2. clavicle
3. bone
4. red bloodcells
5. lungs
6. carbon dioxide

Backpack.. can take the weight of content offline and support the life of a students learning experience.

stu said...

This one is eerily scary - Pedagogy
1 - art
2 - music
3 - silence
4 - Harpocrates
5 - Serapis
6 - Alexander the Great
Pedagogy......quietly returns to its Ancient Greek ancestry

Abbi said...


The Future is...designed to break solid material into smaller pieces.

I often feel that's the case.

Abbi said...

Ok - this one is especially for Liz:

1 institution
2 Mechanisms
3 Outcome
4 Strategies
5 Tic Tac Toe
6 Chickens (I kid you not!)

Humans keep libraries primarily as a source of food, from their meat and eggs.

I always wondered what happen in the stacks on level 1.

Mary said...

2-United Kingdom
3-Great Britain
4-United Kingdom
5-Northern Ireland
Lecturer ...is a decimal multiple of the SI unit of surface area

1- system
2- Greek
3- language family
4- phylogenetic
5- species
6- deer
A module ...is a ruminant mammal

Andrew Middleton said...

1. podcast
2. digital media
3. electronic media
4. electromechanical
5. electrical engineering
6. telegraph
A podcast is... the long-distance transmission of written messages without physical transport of letters.
It sounds like something I may well have written and immediately regretted :-)

Richard Mather said...

OK, I'm joining in with this one.

"Alternate Reality Game" led to:

1. Narrative
2. Proto-Indo-European
3. Proto-Indo-Europeans
4. Neolithic
5. Holocene
6. Quarternary

An Alternate Reality Game is... the geologic time period from the end of the Pilocene Epoch roughly 1,806 years ago to the present. (Hmm, that's roughly????)

Trying again:

"Virtual Reality" brings:

1. computer-simulated
2. simulate
3. modelling (or modeling in US)
4. theory
5. word
6. grammar

Virtual Reality is... the study of the rules governing the use of a given natural language

I give up! No, hang on

"Ubiquitous Computing":

1. human-computer interaction
2. computers
3. instructions
4. program
5. webcast
6. broadcast

Ubiquitous computing is... the distribution of audio and/or video signals which transmit programs to an audience.

Er, not quite...

Brian said...

Sorry to join in late. Just got back from annual leave.

Blackboard Inc.

1 - NASDAQ (not sure if the parentheses count, as all company ones go down this route)
2 - 1971
3 - Gregorian Calendar
4 - Aloysius Lilius
5 - astronomer
6 - telescope

Blackboard Inc is an instrument designed for the observation of remote objects.

1 - .edu
2 - United States
3 - federal district
4 - country
5 - state
6 - soverignty

Educause is the exclusive right to complete political control over an area of people.

smodge said...

does that mean that Gilly and Educause are one and the same?


Abbi said...

The archaeological pedant in me won't let this rest...Richard, the Quaternary period is the last 1.806 million years not the last 1806 years (although some people think the Pliocene ended earlier - 2.6 million years ago).
Indy would be very disappointed...

Louise said...

Come on then people - one last Friday afternoon push whilst I go and do a few early morning sessions - all the scores will be calculated later today for the general knowledge quiz (remember you can set as well as answer questions) and this and the fabulous prizes are, of course, fabulous!!!

Abbi said...

Alright - final friday afternoon attempt...
1 Sedimentary
2 Igneous
3 Crystallisation
4 Atoms
5 Nucleus
6 Electron

Flint is a fundamental subatomic particle. My interaction with adjacent nuclei is the main cause of chemical bonding.

Nice to reaffirm my place in the world.